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The neon sign at the center of Tupelo signifies it as the first city to receive power from the TVA.

Tupelo: A Love Letter

Tupelo is a muse for everyone from Elvis to Taylor Swift, and its food is second to none, but the people are what make it special.

Cafe 212 in Downtown Tupelo

Cafe 212 Is the Heartbeat of Tupelo

Cafe 212 is a Tupelo favorite for sammies, salads, and chatter. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, they’ll make you feel like a regular.

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What We’re Loving: Reply All

Do you change your air filters enough? We’re loving Simple Filter Plan this month because they help us keep our air clean on a schedule.

What We’re Loving: Sleep

Sleep requires nothing at all. And more of it can increase our quality of life and work. It’s so easy. So why don’t we do it more?

What We’re Loving: PokéWar

Last week David Marshall (one of our developers) posted a link in the group chat: “If anyone needs something to do over the weekend, just pushed a Pokémon-based version of War.”

What We’re Loving: BBQ

Every city does BBQ differently, and we love it all. Here are the places pushing the art even further with unique approaches to their Q.