Cafe 212 Is the Heartbeat of Tupelo

Jason and Amanda serve up eclectic hospitality at Cafe 212

Cafe 212 in Downtown Tupelo

On any given weekday, something like 10% of the population of Tupelo passes through Cafe 212 in Downtown Tupelo.

The brightly colored cafe buzzes with the business of the day — artists, bankers, writers, lawyers, contractors, and city employees plotting Tupelo’s future or this weekend’s concert.

It’s hard to spend more than $10 on a single meal, and the food is the perfect amount of fresh and hearty to fuel you up for the afternoon without weighing you down.

They’ll Let You Be a Local Here

But the best part is that the folks at Cafe 212 will treat you like a local (a Tupelocal even) while you’re there.  

Three visits and Jason will call you by your name, five and he’ll have your order memorized. 

“No jalepeños today?” 

What was I thinking? “Thanks for asking. I’ll have extra jalepeños today.”

It’s a Weekly Staple of the Tupelo Diet

The food is simple but fresh. Pick a sandwich or a salad, chips or soup, and add a piece of peanut butter pie or cookie if you’re feeling special. 

It’s so affordable and delicious that there is only one answer, “Do you want to meet me at the cafe for lunch?” The answer is, “Yes.” 

The staff sees nearly every elected official, banker, newspaper reporter, pastor, and small business owner on a monthly (if not weekly) basis.  

Friday’s at Cafe 212 are for Momma’s Chicken Casserole

Order what you want during the week, but Fridays are for chicken casserole. It’s the only day they serve the casserole, a favorite around town. Most people have it marked on their calendars, so be sure to have your order in before 12:30. When it’s gone, it’s gone. 

Don’t fret if you miss the last casserole tray because the rest of the menu is still available. 

If you’re feeling especially festive, the Blue Suede Grill is an homage to Elvis’s favorite sandwich, featuring bananas, peanut butter, and honey on grilled wheatberry bread.

The Best People in Town

Jason and Amanda are truly the best folks in town. They care about their staff and their customers on a personal level. They invest in the community. And they just radiate goodness. 

Tell them the folks at Carmigo sent you if you decide to pop in. 

And if you don’t hit it off with the Cafe crowd, you might not be the kind of person who likes Tupelo. That’s ok. We’re not for everybody. Plus, we like it plenty for the both of us.