Super Nintendo World Is Here and It’s Like Stepping Into A Super Mario Bros Game

Mario fans in the US can now step into their favorite video games at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood.

It's A-Mario, At Universal Studios Hollywood

It’s A-Mario, at Universal Studios Hollywood. On February 17th, the amusement park opened a new themed area centered around the Mario universe. Gaming fans old and young will be excited to experience attractions like a VR Mario kart ride, a toadstool cafe, and plenty of other attractions.

Welcome To Super Nintendo World

If we were taking a Carmigo roadtrip this spring, the new Super Nintendo World is at the top of the list. By the way, most of these pictures are from the park in Japan, but the overall aesthetic is the same. 

Enter through an iconic green pipe and then take in the highly immersive and interactive mushroom kingdom. It feels like you’ve entered a video game. You might notice Peach’s Castle, a charming structure with pink roofing and a stained glass window fit for a princess. There are plenty of fun things you can interact with here like paintings that change artwork. 

Flex Your Gaming Skills

Once you’re feeling bold, you can head over to Bowser’s Castle and get on the signature super Nintendo world ride, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. Like the game, park guests can experience an augmented reality Mario kart race and attempt to beat Bowser. The line to the actual ride is a very well-decorated castle that you wouldn’t expect from a mean turtle.

There is also the Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown which is an interactive game you can play against other people at the park. If you lose and have to rage quit, you can also try the twomp game or the piranha plant game. All of them include jumping and running around, so be prepared. 

The many moving parts in the vibrant Super Nintendo World, like the swaying piranha plant, pacing koopas (the yellow turtles) and goombas (those little brown mushroom dudes), and rotating coins, make the experience feel like you’re in the actual games. 

It might take everything in your power to not collect the coins, but the in-theme power-bands offered to guests allow you to interact with them and rack up some change. These coins/points you collect are tracked on the universal studios app as well. Through the app you can discover several activities to do in the area that give you achievements and coins. 

Photo Opportunities, Souvenirs, & Food

Of course, you can also find your favorite characters like Mario and Luigi wandering around. Princess Peach even makes her royal entrance from her castle. The characters are just as interactive as the surroundings. The eyes and mouth on the characters actually move and the voices are straight from the games.

After you meet your favorite characters, you can check out gift shops, which are stocked with plenty of super mario bros themed merchandise, including the hats. You know you want a mario hat. 

This part of universal studios has a unique dining option as well, the Toadstool Cafe, hosted by Chef Toad. Some delicious bites you can find here include cheesy garlic knots, super mushroom soup, and a princess peach cupcake. 

You could easily spend an entire day in the Super Nintendo World. There is plenty to do for the entire family and endless photo opportunities. This new addition to Universal Studios has everything a Nintendo fan could imagine but also stands alone as a great theme park for your average person.

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