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Cafe 212 in Downtown Tupelo

Cafe 212 Is the Heartbeat of Tupelo

Cafe 212 is a Tupelo favorite for sammies, salads, and chatter. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, they’ll make you feel like a regular.

Tupelo: Where Elvis Became King

No matter how much Tupelo grows and changes, it will always be known as the birthplace of the King of Rock’n’Roll — Elvis Presley.

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What We’re Loving: PokéWar

Last week David Marshall (one of our developers) posted a link in the group chat: “If anyone needs something to do over the weekend, just pushed a Pokémon-based version of War.”

What We’re Loving: BBQ

Every city does BBQ differently, and we love it all. Here are the places pushing the art even further with unique approaches to their Q.