2024 is Carmigo’s Year of Growth
Our users have stepped up, so we're bringing on more dealers faster than ever.
In the last three months, our average bids per car has doubled, and more than 100 new dealers are actively bidding on our auction.

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Introducing our recently onboarded Carmigos

This trust you placed in us proved it was time to go out and scale our network, here’s the team responsible for that:

John Tharp | Vice President of Sales
More than 35 years of automotive experience, former National Program Manager at Insurance Auto Auctions
Angelia Madderra | Montgomery, AL
More than 13 years of automotive experience, previously ACV and Auto Auction of Montgomery
Shannon Short | Pensacola, FL
Previous Market Expansion Manager at E Block, responsible for opening nine markets
Brandon Crouch | Memphis, TN
Former General Sales Manager, Collierville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Mike Benke | Roanoke, VA
More than 29 years of automotive experience, former roles for in-lane and online auctions

As we add more dealers, offers become more competitive, and our available inventory will grow. Thanks to your support, we are able to invest in the expansion of our network and bring more value for you – our users.

Get Those Pencils Sharpened

A lot of changes have come to the platform lately, here is one easy place to learn about them all

Just two months ago we launched Carmigo Turn alongside an updated buying interface. Things look different, and to be honest, we’re still getting used to it ourselves. If you have any questions about some of changes we recently rolled out, be sure to check out Carmigo EDU.

• Seven videos outlying key changes and new features to the platform

• Each video is less than 90 seconds

• Highlights how to use the new features and how they can help you more effectively wholesale

Carmigo’s Tip of the Month

Did you know… the listings on our auction tab automatically sorts by how close the listing’s reserve price is to MMR.

• If you list a car, the closer your price is to MMR the higher up it will be on the auction and the more eyeballs it will get

• If you’re buying, the cars listed at the top are more likely to sell at a price close to MMR