How to Use Carmigo’s Automated Rules to Increase Turn

The used car market is hard to navigate, and 2024 brings even more challenges for dealerships. But we're here to help.
Carmigo is dedicated to bringing you solutions designed to increase inventory turn and protect profits.
Carmigo Turn’s Automated Rules helps you move your cars for more BEFORE they start to slow turn.

You can set your automated rules right now. Follow the video for step-by-step instructions or contact your Dealer Sales Rep.

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Deep Dive: Carmigo’s Automated Rules

‘Set it and forget it’ only works if you, well, set it.

Last month we announced the biggest product update in our company history. Carmigo Turn is our new wholesale platform designed to help you increase used inventory turn.
At the center of Turn is our Automated Rules:
Average days to turn on used inventory is at a five-year high.
Change pricing based on age guidelines that you set
Flexibility to use internet price, wholesale price and cost as your basis

Is the “Affordability Crisis” Here?

This newsletter from the Car Dealership Guy caught our attention.

You can read the full newsletter here, but here is a quick summary:

• Average negative equity for consumers is highest since 2020

• Manufacturers pursuit of higher margins and supply chain issues are to blame – among other factors

• This is creating a very competitive used car market

So what does this mean for your dealership?
Your used inventory strategy in 2024 should be very intentional – and it won’t be easy.
1. Focus on acquiring cars that data shows won’t slow your turn

Turning every stone to find affordable models that fit the needs of your customer base is key, even if it means looking outside of your traditional acquisition channels

2. Move the cars you know aren't a good fit

In a highly competitive market, you can’t run with ankle weights. Make an honest assessment of your used inventory and get rid of the cars slowing your turn before you’re in too deep.

Surprise, surprise – we can help with both. Talk with your Dealer Sales Rep today about how we can help.

Your FAQ’s Answered

Last month brought a lot of big changes for us. And in tow came a lot of great questions from all of you. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below to help guide you through some of the biggest changes we rolled out to the Carmigo experience.