3000 Cars Sold — And We’re Just Getting Started

Carmigo surpassed 3000 cars sold! We make it easy to sell your car. Join the car-selling revolution. Use Carmigo to sell your car.

Carmigo Sold its 3000th Car in September

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Thanks to the hard work and innovation from our developers and operations team (and maybe just a little salt and pepper from the marketing team), we’ve helped thousands of people sell their cars. In fact, passed the 3000 cars sold mark in September, and we’re stoked about it. 

If our reviews are representative, that’s more than 2900 easy, seamless transactions.

That’s a better profit margin for thousands of sellers and massive amounts of quality inventory for every single one of our buyers across the country. 

We are proud of the tools and marketplace we’ve built. And we’re thankful for all the buyers and sellers who have trusted us with their cars. They’ve all given us incredible feedback along the way. 

That feedback has made Carmigo the easier way to sell your car on the internet.  

Is carmigo legit? Our five-star reviews say yes. Plus, Carmigo has 3,000 cars sold.

Getting to 3000 Cars Sold

It’s been a wild ride from the early pandemic days when Andrew (Carmigo founder) was banging his head against the wall trying to source quality used cars for his dealership.

He called up Sean and Daniel (our other founders) and pitched his crazy idea — Carmigo. Back then they were calling it SWAP. 

Nearly a year later we’d sold 1,000 cars. It was hard work, and we did a lot of it manually while we built and improved our cutting-edge inspection tools and marketplace. 

Six months after 1,000, we’d sold 2,000 total in half the time. Our third thousand came even faster. 

Having 3000 cars sold is a testament to the platform and our commitment to improving it. 

Sell Your Car on Carmigo

Be a part of the car-selling revolution and use Carmigo to sell your next car. 

With our mobile-inspection technology, you can list your car for sale in minutes. And thanks to our network of buyers and unique marketplace, you can get multiple offers on your car in as little as a day.