You Want 5-Star Reviews? We’ve Got Plenty

Carmigo is the easiest way to sell your car on the internet. But don’t take our word for it. More than 500 other people think so too.

What We’re Loving: Carmigo hits the 500 5-star review mark.

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The word is out. Carmigo is the easiest way to sell your car on the internet. And you don’t have to take our word for it because we’ve got 500 other people who think so too.  It took us more than a year to get to 400 5-star reviews, and then it only took two more months to hit 500.  We’re proud of the platform we’ve built because it’s helped so many people save time, reduce stress, and even make some extra money selling their cars.  At Carmigo, making things easier is a driving mission, and it’s something everyone in the company is trying to do. So when we see reviews specifically talking about how easy or stress-free our process is, it feels good.  Like this review from Aaron M. last week:  “Surprisingly easy, Hassle-free experience and great customer service 👍” Here’s another new 5-star review from Stefanie S: “I was a bit wary of online car sales. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to sell my car! IN ADDITION, Carmigo was able to sell my car for $2000.00 MORE than any other dealership. I would recommend this company to everyone. FIVE STARS!”

There Has to be a Better Way

Carmigo started when our CEO began to notice frustration on both sides of the car-selling process. And not just the kind of frustration that happens when you wait on hold for a service provider. He heard from sellers who had trade-in experiences that ruined their weeks and even saw a disagreement come to fisticuffs at a wholesale auction.  The whole process was terrible for everyone. That’s why he started Carmigo, to make things easier for both sides. 

500 5-Star Reviews

We’ve written about our 5-star customer reviews before, and we’ll probably do it again. It’s not because we want to brag (okay, maybe we want to brag a little). But mostly we’re excited because we want to spread the word that there truly is an easier way to sell your car.  And we look at all our reviews, even the stinkers. That’s right, we’ve made platform, policy, and workflow changes based on our less-than-stellar reviews. If our system isn’t working for everyone, it’s not working. 
@gocarmigo For this installment of What We’re Working On, we are discussing transportation improvements. This opportunity to improve Carmigo is all thanks to responsive sellers like you. #improvements #fixedit4ya #carmigo #transportation ♬ Bright and Positive Hip Hop 3 minutes (background music) – MPmedia
To truly make Carmigo an easier selling experience for everyone, we have to keep our ears open to our sellers, buyers, and potential customers we’ve missed out on. The ones who found a glitch in the system or a friction point in our customer service.  So give us a shot. And just as importantly, let us know how we did. We’re not fishing for compliments. We’re fishing for feedback.