How to Sell 3,000 Cars

Last month Carmigo sold our 3,000th car. And to celebrate, we’ll give you the recipe. We’re going to tell you how to sell 3,000 cars.

We’re Giving Away Company Secrets

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Last month Carmigo sold our 3,000th car. And to celebrate, we’ll give you the recipe for our secret sauce. We’re going to tell you how to sell 3,000 cars. 

That’s right. We’ll tell you exactly how we sold 3,000 cars so that you, too, can sell 3,000 cars. 

The CSR Team

First, if you’re looking for sales volume, you’ve got to put together a team. And it’s got to be a good team. 

You need a bunch of folks willing to get on the phone and help buyers and sellers work through their problems. They’ve got to be patient, relatable, and excited about being helpful. 

And if you’re going to get thousands of people to trust you with a five-figure decision, your team has to be committed to handling all of the hassles and handling them well. You can’t make mistakes with other people’s bank accounts, loan payoffs, and car titles. That would be unacceptable. 

The Inspection Process

If we expected our buyers to show up daily to make offers on our sellers’ cars, we knew we had to ensure we were listing lot-ready, front-line inventory. 

So we built out an in-person inspection process that allowed us to account for any issues our buyers may need to know about. 

Meanwhile, our development team created a platform where inspectors could instantly list the vehicles (with their inspection reports) for sale. The platform also helped scan for physical damage and kept the seller updated as offers for their car came in.

The in-person inspections are a thing of the past. That team was created to help build state-of-the-art mobile technology that now allows our sellers to list their cars all by themselves, all from their phones.  

The Buyer Network

You can’t sell a car without a buyer, and creating a reliable, active daily market means partnering with buyers at volume. 

Carmigo was created in response to the used vehicle shortage during COVID-19 — so that used car dealers could reliably find quality used inventory. 

We partner with a growing number of dealerships around the country who make offers on the Carmigo Marketplace every single day. The more buyers, the more likely our sellers are to get an offer they like. 

Make it Easier 

What started with in-person inspections has become a (nearly) seamless, automated process. But we’ve continued to build our team of Carmigos to step in any time a seller has a concern or the automation falls short of what a seller needs. 

When we found out some of our buyers also wanted to sell a few cars, we built a system that allowed buyers to bid on private-owned cars as well as dealer-owned cars.

Then, we partnered with a couple of fleet management companies to build Carmigo Fleet. It’s just like it sounds, a tool for fleet managers to keep their fleet fresh. 

Some dealerships were having trouble managing all their leads and inspections, so we built Carmigo Direct. 

If there’s a problem in the car-selling process, Carmigo is here to make it easier

Get the Word Out

 No matter how easy you make something, you can only help as many people as you can reach. 

So, Carmigo built another team to tell the Carmigo story with a bullhorn (well, really just digital media platforms).

And we made sure our communications strategy wasn’t a monologue strategy. We built an open line of communication with our buyers, our sellers, and even the people who thought about using Carmigo and then changed their minds. 

That open line of communication is how we continued to make it easier. 

Can’t Sell 3,000 Cars? Make $3,000.

If you’re starting to think you won’t be able to sell 3,000 cars yourself, you may be able to make $3,000 helping people sell cars on Carmigo.

In fact, you can join the referral program right now. 

We incentivize word of mouth by rewarding our sellers and partners when they talk about us. Our referral codes make it even easier to talk about how easy Carmigo is. 

Join the Car-Selling Revolution

Be a part of the car-selling revolution and use Carmigo to sell your next car. 

With our mobile-inspection technology, you can list your car for sale in minutes. And thanks to our network of buyers and unique marketplace, you can get multiple offers on your car in as little as a day.