Carvana vs Carmigo: What’s The Best Way to Sell Your Car?

Selling your car is the worst. Driving to dealerships for one lowball offer after another. So let’s find out who’s better: Carvana vs Carmigo.

Which to Choose? Carvana vs Carmigo?

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The Vending Machines Save Space, but do they Save You Money?

Here we go, Carvana vs Carmigo. Carvana came onto the car scene with a bang. They built a great mobile site and built all those giant glass car vending machines. And while selling your car to Cavana is simple, it may not be the fastest way to sell your car. And you may be leaving money on the table. 

Carmigo launched its mobile marketplace in 2021 and has sold thousands of cars since. The main difference is that Carvana buys your car from you and Carmigo lists your car on a marketplace with a network of dealerships all over the country making offers. So there is a better chance your car sells for more, and sells in as little as one day. 

Carvana vs Carmigo

  • Carvana
      • Simple Online Process
      • Those Cool Elevators
      • One Offer, No Explanation 
      • Carvana Controls the Transaction
  • Carmigo
    • 15-MinuteDigital Inspection
    • Sell in as little as a day
    • Competitive Offers
    • No Paperwork
    • No Driving

When considering Carvana vs Carmigo, remember that the vending machines don't get you more money for your car.

Carvana – Car Vending Machine in Dallas” (CC BY 2.0) by Tony Webster

Carvana Pros

Simple Process

Carvana has put a lot of time and energy into making sure its app is straightforward and simple. And they’ve succeeded at it. Users can quickly submit some info about their car and receive an offer fairly quickly. 

The Car Vending Machines

The car elevators are cool. Even we can admit those massive glass vending machines are cool. They redesigned the car shopping experience and found a way to save space. But can they help you get a decent offer on your car?

Carmigo Pros

15-Minute Process

The Carmax vs Carmigo speed test is a tie. Both mobile websites make it incredibly easy to get an offer fast.

But with Carmigo, the vehicle questionnaire process is also used to build your car’s marketplace listing and perform a virtual inspection. That means you’re done once you’ve completed your listing. And Carmigo can share that listing with hundreds of buyers immediately. 

Fairer Market Price

The buyers on Carmigo are car dealerships from around the country, meaning multiple (and different) dealerships are competing for your car when you list it on Carmigo, driving offers up higher and higher. 

We handle the Paperwork 

Once your car sells on Carmigo, that’s it. We handle all the paperwork — from bank payoff to title transfer, and we even pick it up. 

Carvana Cons

Carvana Has the Control

Carvana’s size is a positive, but that also means they have massive leverage over each transaction. People are selling their cars to Carvana daily, so they can make a lower offer on your car and still have plenty of used cars to resell. 

One Offer, No Explanation 

Carvana gives you an offer for your car and they give it to you quickly. But that offer is it. It’s all you get. No explanation. No negotiating. You get what Carvana gives you.

You aren’t creating a fair-market atmosphere when you sell your car to Carvana. One dealership is making one offer for your car. On Carmigo, multiple dealerships compete for your car in our marketplace, which puts the power in your hands and drives prices to a fair market value.

Carmigo Cons

We’re not going to tell you we’re perfect, but we’re honestly trying to build the easiest, fairest car selling experience on the internet. 

So read some of our reviews, good and bad (and there are way more good than bad).

So who’s the winner: Carvana vs Carmigo? The answer is up to you. 

Carvana vs Carmigo

Carvana Is Simple and Reliable

There is nothing wrong with selling a car to Carvana. The company has innovated the mobile-selling process. And there are the elevators, for whatever that’s worth. 

But, just because Carvana is a good way to sell your car doesn’t mean it’s the best way to sell it. In fact, you’ll probably be leaving money on the table. 

Get more money with Carmigo

Carvana is one retailer with one offer for your vehicle. But Carmigo is a platform that connects you to multiple retailers, offering you multiple offers. Which would you rather have? One offer for your car, or multiple? Carmigo has dealerships across multiple states actively competing for cars just like yours. These dealerships are already competing through closed auctions across the country. But now, Carmigo is giving you direct access to list your vehicle on a similar marketplace allowing dealerships to compete with each other for your car. How cool is that? Choose Carmigo over Carvana; you won’t regret it.

The easy way to sell your car

At Carmigo, the process is even easier. All you have to do is give us your vehicle’s basic information and snap a few guided photos to build your vehicle listing. 

Then, just sit back, relax, and watch in real-time as offers come in for your vehicle. After your car sells, we handle all the paperwork, transfers, and transportation. We do all the work, so you don’t have to.

Yeah, we really just made selling your vehicle that easy. And we will get you more money for your car. Try Carmigo today and see what real, hassle-free happiness is all about.