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Why choose Carmigo over CarMax?

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Selling your car is the worst. It’s time-consuming, with a lot of back and forth with strangers, lowball offers, and a lot of driving from dealership to dealership. So let’s find out who’s better, Carmax vs Carmigo. 

Carmax vs Carmigo

CarMax changed the game when they began buying used cars from their website. But as innovative as CarMax was, their process is anything but seamless. And since a CarMax trade-in offer is only based on the needs of one huge dealership, they have all the power in the transaction.

Carmigo took the online car sales model further, allowing used car owners to wholesale their cars to dozens of dealerships. That means dealerships from around the country are making offers on your vehicle based on their individual needs. Instead of settling for the offer at your local dealership or on Carmax’s inventory, the Carmigo marketplace puts your car’s listing in front of dealerships with all kinds of inventory needs. 

Dealerships in Denver need more all-wheel-drive crossovers than dealerships in Florida. Dealerships in rural Texas need more crew-cab trucks than dealerships in urban California.

So maybe Carol at the Chrysler dealership in Carrolton doesn’t need your Corolla, so she won’t give you a fair price. On Carmigo, dealerships from all over the country buy Corollas every day.

Ildar Sagdejev (Specious), 2008-11-11 CarMax in RaleighCC BY-SA 4.0

CarMax Pros:

Dealerships Around the country

CarMax is a massive national company, which means the company has a much more diverse set of inventory needs than most local dealerships. And their large footprint allows customers to find one nearby easily.

National Brand Recognition

With a brand like CarMax, the reviews are plenty, and the majority are positive. There isn’t much risk going with CarMax because its system processes so many trade-ins each day. 


The mobile CarMax website makes it easy to get an estimate and a 7-day offer for your car. 

Carmigo Pros:

15-Minute Process

The Carmax vs Carmigo speed test is a tie. Both mobile websites make it incredibly easy to get an offer fast.

But with Carmigo, the vehicle questionnaire process is also used to build your car’s marketplace listing and perform a virtual inspection. That means you’re done once you’ve completed your listing. And Carmigo can share that listing with hundreds of buyers immediately. 

With Carmax, you still have to take your car in for an in-person inspection before redeeming the 7-day offer. 

Fairer Market Price

The buyers on Carmigo are car dealerships from around the country, meaning multiple (and different) dealerships are competing for your car when you list it on Carmigo, driving offers up higher and higher. 

We handle the Paperwork

Once your car sells on Carmigo, that’s it. We handle all the paperwork — from bank payoff to title transfer, and we even pick it up. CarMax requires you to bring it in for an in-person inspection before redeeming your 7-day offer. 

CarMax Cons:

Dealerships Around the Country

CarMax’s size is a positive, but that also means they have massive leverage over each transaction. People are selling their cars to CarMax daily, so they can offer low prices and still have plenty of used cars to resell. 

One Dealership Means One Offer

You aren’t creating a fair-market atmosphere when you sell your car to CarMax. One dealership is making one offer for your car, even if that “dealership” is one of the largest car retailers in the world. On Carmigo, multiple dealerships compete for your car on an online marketplace, which puts the power in your hands and drives prices to a fair market value.

You Have to Bring Your Car in for Inspection

Your 7-day offer from CarMax is only valid for seven days if you bring your car in for an in-person inspection at one of CarMax’s locations. If you miss your 7-day window, you must redo the entire process. And if the inspector doesn’t like something about your car, CarMax can rescind the offer.

Carmigo Cons:

We’re not going to tell you we’re perfect, but we’re honestly trying to build the easiest, fairest car selling experience on the internet. 

So read some of our reviews, good and bad (and there are way more good than bad).

CarMax vs Carmigo | The Verdict

There is nothing wrong with selling a car to CarMax. The company has done a lot of innovation in the online car sales space and has locations in every metro area. 

But, just because CarMax is a good way to sell your car doesn’t mean it’s the best way to sell it. In fact, you’ll probably be leaving money on the table. 

Get more money with Carmigo

CarMax is one retailer with one offer for your vehicle. But Carmigo is a platform that connects you to multiple retailers, getting you multiple offers. Which would you rather have? One offer for your car, or multiple? Carmigo has dealerships across multiple states actively competing for cars just like yours. These dealerships are already competing through closed auctions across the country. But now, Carmigo is giving you direct access to list your vehicle in a similar marketplace allowing dealerships to compete with each other for your car. How cool is that? Choose Carmigo over CarMax; you won’t regret it.

The easy way to sell your car

At Carmigo, the process is even easier. All you have to do is give us your vehicle’s basic information and snap a few guided photos to build your vehicle listing. 

Then, just sit back, relax, and watch in real-time as the offers come in for your vehicle. After your car sells, we handle all the paperwork, transfers, and transportation. We do all the work, so you don’t have to.

Yeah, we really just made selling your vehicle that easy. And we will get you more money for your car. Try Carmigo today and see what real, hassle-free happiness is all about.

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