Should You Sell Your Car to Carmax? Carmigo VS Carmax

Selling your car is the worst. Driving to dealerships for one lowball offer after another. So let’s find out who’s better: Carmax Vs Carmigo.

Why choose Carmigo over CarMax?

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Should you sell your car to Carmax? You could, but you should weigh your other options first. There are several other ways to sell a car, including Carmigo. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of both. 

Carmax vs Carmigo

  • CarMax
    • 👍 Simple Process
    • 👍 Efficient Trade-In System
    • 👎Lower Offers
    • 👎 In-Person Inspection Required
  • Carmigo
    • 👍 15-Minute Digital Inspection
    • 👍 Sell in as little as a day
    • 👍 Competitive Offers
    • 👍 No Paperwork
    • 👍 No Driving

Selling a car to CarMax brought a new level of convenience to the used car market. However, the process employed by CarMax is far from seamless. What makes it challenging is that their trade-in offer is solely based on the requirements of one large dealership, giving them complete control over the transaction.

Enter Carmigo, the platform that takes the online car sales model to the next level. Carmigo enables owners of used cars to wholesale their vehicles to numerous dealerships. This means that dealerships across the country can make offers on your car based on their specific needs. Instead of settling for the offer from your local dealership or relying solely on CarMax’s inventory, Carmigo’s marketplace showcases your car to dealerships with diverse inventory demands.

If you’re wondering if you should sell your car to Carmax, you need to consider what you want to prioritize in regard to selling a car. Sure, Carmax is well-known, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting the best deal.

Carmax requires you to bring your car in for an in-person inspection which is one negative mark in the CarMax vs. Carmigo consideration.
Ildar Sagdejev (Specious), 2008-11-11 CarMax in RaleighCC BY-SA 4.0

CarMax Pros:

Dealerships Around the country

CarMax, being a prominent nationwide company, boasts an extensive reach and a vast network of dealerships. This advantageous position grants them a significantly diverse range of inventory needs compared to the majority of local dealerships. With their widespread presence, customers can easily locate a CarMax dealership nearby for their convenience.

National Brand Recognition

When it comes to a well-established brand like CarMax, you’ll find no shortage of reviews, and the majority of them are positive. The reputation CarMax has built over the years is a testament to their reliable service and customer satisfaction. One of the key advantages of choosing CarMax is the sheer volume of trade-ins they process on a daily basis.

CarMax’s robust system is designed to handle a large influx of trade-ins, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for sellers. With their extensive experience in the used car market, they have streamlined their operations to effectively evaluate, appraise, and purchase a wide range of vehicles. This high level of proficiency minimizes the risk involved when selling your car to CarMax.


With the mobile CarMax website, obtaining an estimate and a 7-day offer for your car is relatively easy. The interface of the mobile platform streamlines the process, contributing to a simple experience for car sellers.

Carmigo Pros:

15-Minute Process

When it comes to speed and convenience, both Carmax and Carmigo mobile websites excel, resulting in a tie. 

However, Carmigo takes it a step further and  utilizes the information gathered to create your car’s marketplace listing and conduct a virtual inspection. This means that once you’ve completed the listing process, you’re essentially done. Carmigo promptly shares your listing with a vast network of potential buyers, providing immediate exposure to numerous interested parties.

Fairer Market Price

When you list your car on Carmigo, you open up the opportunity to attract buyers from car dealerships located throughout the country. This means that multiple dealerships, each with their own unique needs and preferences, compete for your car. The competitive nature of this marketplace drives offers higher and higher, benefiting you as the seller.

With Carmigo, you have the advantage of tapping into a network of diverse dealerships, each vying to acquire your car for their inventory. Dealerships from various regions and markets bring different demands and requirements. For example, dealerships in one area may be in dire need of all-wheel-drive crossovers, while those in another region seek crew-cab trucks. This competition among dealerships increases the likelihood of receiving competitive offers that reflect the true value of your car.

We handle the Paperwork

When your car sells on Carmigo, you can sit back and relax, knowing that we take care of all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. From handling bank payoffs to facilitating the smooth transfer of the title, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we go the extra mile by offering a convenient pickup service for your sold car. Our goal is to ensure a hassle-free experience for you as the seller.

In contrast, CarMax’s process involves an additional step before you can redeem their 7-day offer. You are required to bring your car in for an in-person inspection. This inspection is a prerequisite for finalizing the offer and moving forward with the transaction.

CarMax Cons:

Dealerships Around the Country

While CarMax’s large size can be seen as a positive attribute, it also grants them significant leverage in each transaction. The sheer volume of cars being sold to CarMax on a daily basis enables them to maintain a position of power, allowing them to offer lower prices while still having an ample supply of used cars for resale.

Due to the high volume of sellers choosing CarMax as their preferred option, the company can leverage this demand to negotiate prices that may not always be favorable to individual sellers. The abundance of inventory at their disposal gives them the flexibility to set prices at levels that align with their business strategy.

One Dealership Means One Offer

Selling your car to CarMax may not provide a truly fair-market atmosphere. Despite being one of the largest car retailers globally, CarMax operates by offering a single deal for your car, which may not necessarily reflect its true market value.

In contrast, Carmigo offers a distinct advantage. By listing your car on Carmigo’s online marketplace, you unlock the potential for multiple dealerships to compete for your vehicle. This competitive environment empowers you as the seller and drives prices towards a fair market value. The presence of numerous dealerships vying for your car ensures that you have more control over the selling process and the opportunity to secure a price that accurately reflects the worth of your vehicle.

You Have to Bring Your Car in for Inspection

To redeem your 7-day offer from CarMax, it is essential to schedule an in-person inspection at one of their designated locations. This inspection is a requirement for validating the offer within the specified timeframe. If you fail to bring your car in for inspection during the 7-day window, the offer will expire, and you would need to start the entire process anew.

It’s crucial to note that during the inspection, if the CarMax inspector identifies any issues or aspects they are dissatisfied with regarding your car, CarMax reserves the right to retract or modify their offer.

Remaining mindful of the time constraints and the possibility of offer adjustments due to inspection findings can help you effectively navigate the CarMax process. It may be worthwhile to explore alternative platforms like Carmigo.

Carmigo Cons:

We’re not going to tell you we’re perfect, but we’re dedicated to building the easiest, fairest car-selling experience on the internet. 

So read some of our reviews, good and bad (and there are way more good than bad).

CarMax vs Carmigo | The Verdict

Should you sell your car to Carmax?

Selling a car to CarMax is a viable option, as the company has made significant strides in innovating the online car sales industry and boasts a widespread presence across various metropolitan areas.

However, it’s important to recognize that while CarMax may be a good choice for selling your car, it may not necessarily be the best option if maximizing your profit is a priority. In fact, opting for CarMax might result in leaving potential money on the table.

Get more money with Carmigo

While CarMax provides a single offer for your vehicle, Carmigo offers a dynamic platform that connects you with multiple retailers, resulting in multiple offers. Consider this: would you prefer just one offer for your car or the opportunity to receive multiple offers? With Carmigo, you gain access to a network of dealerships spanning across different states, actively competing for cars similar to yours.

Dealerships already engage in competitive bidding through closed auctions nationwide. Now, Carmigo takes it a step further by granting you direct access to list your vehicle in a similar marketplace. This allows dealerships to compete with each other, vying for the opportunity to acquire your car. The prospect of multiple dealerships actively competing for your car is an exciting advantage unique to Carmigo.

Why settle for a single offer when you have the chance to attract multiple offers and potentially secure a more lucrative deal? Choosing Carmigo over CarMax opens up a world of possibilities and increases your chances of achieving a successful and rewarding car-selling experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – opt for Carmigo and unlock the full potential of your car sale.

The easy way to sell your car

At Carmigo, the process is even easier. All you have to do is give us your vehicle’s basic information and snap a few guided photos to build your vehicle listing. 

Then, just sit back, relax, and watch in real-time as the offers come in for your vehicle. After your car sells, we handle all the paperwork, transfers, and transportation. We do all the work, so you don’t have to.

Yeah, we really just made selling your vehicle that easy. And we will get you more money for your car. Try Carmigo today and see what real, hassle-free happiness is all about.