A Love Letter to Our Sellers

Valentine's Day is here, and it has us in our feels about our 568 five-star reviews.

Happy Valentines

We get new love letters from our sellers every week. You can read them on our website or on Google Reviews,

But we want to turn that around on our sellers. 

Because our sellers are always saying how we have a “smooth and simple process” and are the “easiest car-selling experience.” 

Well, here’s the truth, our sellers make it easy to build a better car-selling experience with their incredible feedback. 

They tell us we proved ourselves trustworthy by making them feel “secure about it from beginning to end,” even though they were “a little apprehensive making a deal such as this online.”

Well it’s thanks in large part to the trust of our amazing buyers and sellers that we’re able to keep growing and keep innovating our marketplace. 

And the common refrain of “amazing customer service” in those love letters is so sweet. But we have to say, you’ve all been a pleasure to work with. It’s easy to do our job when we have trusting sellers who stay engaged with us from beginning to end. 

And it’s a joy to implement new features that were specifically requested by our buyers and sellers. That’s how we know we’re onto something special. 

And to that handful of you who left us less than five-star love letters, or worse, breakup letters, we want you to know we’ve changed. You were right, and we’ve grown.