What your dealership can learn from the CDK outage
Buckle up, it’s time for a cybersecurity lesson
As cybersecurity professionals commonly point out, the only time most companies care about cybersecurity is after an attack. Lucky for us, the CDK outage can be a wake up call for us all.
In the case of CDK it’s unclear what type of attack led to their outage. However, according to IBM’s Cyber Security Intelligence Index Report, human error was a major contributing cause in 95% of breaches in 2021.   This means no matter how unlikely it may feel, your dealership is vulnerable to cyberattacks that can limit your ability to conduct business and affect your bottom line.  
Here are the most basic steps you can take today to make sure your dealership remains secure:
Implement a mandatory password manager for all employees

A password manager not only relieves the burden of memorizing passwords for hundreds of accounts, but they also grant the option to generate strong passwords that cyber attackers can’t brute force.

Educate employees about common exploits cyber attackers use to bypass security measures

There will never be a comprehensive training for ALL ways cyber attackers exploit businesses, but training on the most popular exploits can help employees avoid the most common pitfalls. This article from UpGuard does a great job outlining these most common threats and how to avoid them.

Create a culture of healthy skepticism

If somebody gets a strange email from a co-worker, or if an employee made a questionable download on their work laptop, the best thing that can happen is they report it and not feel like they need to hide it. Emphasize to all employees that it’s never wrong to ask if something feels off, and reward those who take extra precautions.

Updates from Carmigo
We Listed 100+ Wholesale Units Last Friday

Here’s what went down:

Cars Sold
0 +
Buyers Active on the Auction
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Awarded in Giveaways
$ K

Want to get in on a slice of the action? Talk with your Carmigo Dealer Sales Representative today about giving Carmigo a shot at your wholesale inventory.

How to Make Our Notifications Work for You
Our new notification system puts you in control. Here’s how.

You may have noticed a difference in the types of notifications you’ve been receiving from us.

Our product team launched a new and improved notification system earlier this month, so you can keep tabs on what’s important to you and nothing else.

Here’s how to set it up to best serve you:

Login to Carmigo and select the bell icon in the top right hand corner.

You can view and/or clear current notifications from this panel.

To change your notification settings, select the gear icon in upper right corner

Choose which notifications you want to receive and how you want to receive them