Carmigo Hits 4,000 Cars Sold Milestone

We just sold our 4,000th car on the Carmigo marketplace. And this achievement comes after months of industry-wide slowdowns and price drops.

And we’re well on our way to 5,000!

We just sold our 4,000th car on the Carmigo marketplace.

The thing we’re proudest of is having this achievement come after months of industry-wide slowdowns and price drops. 

We knew we could sell cars when the market was favorable. But now we’ve proven we can continue to make the process easy for our sellers while returning more-than-competitive offers no matter the conditions. 

Here’s what our CEO and co-founder, Andrew Warmath said:

“Last year was an exciting ride, seeing the used car market reach stratospheric highs before plummeting back to earth. We got to experience that unprecedented growth. But then we were quickly forced to adapt and innovate in order to grow when other companies in our industry were struggling.” 

Carmigo sold just over 1,000 cars in our first year of operations after launching in January 2021. Now, after only one more year, we’ve quadrupled those sales. 

We think it’s our unique approach to business that helped us weather the storm. Instead of holding inventory like most online used car buyers, we focus on creating a simple transaction without creating excess inventory.

More from Andrew on what sets Carmigo apart:

“What makes us different is that we’re not focused on the sale. We’re focused on making the transaction easy and beneficial for both parties. Coming from a dealership background, we know how hard it is to inspect and stock quality used cars, so we want to bring lot-ready cars to our dealership partners. We also know how hard it can be to sell your car. So Carmigo works to make it easier for everyone by connecting these two needs at scale.”

This difference also allows us to charge a flat buyer and seller fee instead of relying on margins that fluctuate from transaction to transaction. 

Do you have a car you’re thinking of selling? Your car could be 4,001

Well, we’ve already sold 4,001. Heck, in the time it took us to put all this together, we already started talking about the 5,000 cars sold blog post. 

But you can join the car-selling revolution and list your car in as little as 15 minutes to start getting offers today. 

We’re Giving Away Air Fresheners to Celebrate

And if you’re not selling, you can still celebrate by grabbing a free air freshener here.

Our Process Is Built on Feedback

We can’t celebrate this milestone without acknowledging all of the feedback we’ve gotten from buyers and sellers. A significant portion of the updates made to the Carmigo Marketplace over the past two years has come from the feedback we’ve received. 

We’ve been lucky to work with folks who are willing to provide constructive feedback when things go good or bad, and that has been critical. 

We are proud of the tools and marketplace we’ve built. And we’re thankful for all the buyers and sellers who have trusted us with their cars. They’ve all given us incredible feedback along the way.