What We’re Loving: A Successful Investment Round

Our first round of funding is in the books and the money is in the bank. We raised $7 million in investments and we couldn’t be more excited.

Carmigo Raised $7 Million in Latest Investment Round

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Carmigo’s first round of investment is in the books, and the money is in the bank.

We raised $7 million in our latest round of investments, and we couldn’t be more excited. And yes, millions of dollars is exciting. But we’re even more excited about what that money means. 

It means we can keep making our car-selling platform easier to use. We can make it even easier for sellers to get multiple offers on their cars, and for dealerships to keep used cars in stock. 

Investment in Our Idea

This investment means sellers are responding positively to our product, which wasn’t always a given.

Two years ago, our founders, Andrew, Daniel, and Sean, got a crazy idea to create a wholesale marketplace that exists entirely in a cell phone web browser. 

And they did it. And not only does it work, but it works great. 

Right on the tail of closing this investment round, we’ll break the 500 5-Star reviews mark. 

What started as a crazy idea is turning out to be a helpful tool for people who need to sell their cars.  

Room to Innovate

This $7 million investment in Carmigo also shows that we have room to innovate even more. We can dedicate resources to making our app easier or open the platform to new groups. 

With this investment, we can dedicate even more time to honing the experience so that it’s the best way to sell your car on the internet.

And we’ve begun implementing significant changes, thanks to feedback from both buyers and sellers. 

We’ve seen interest in using Carmigo from businesses and organizations in new industries. This investment means we can spend more time making Carmigo work for even more people. 

Investment in Carmigo’s Future

Here’s what our CEO Andrew had to say about it, “This round close is a significant milestone for Carmigo. We are proud of what we have built, but this recent investment makes us excited for what’s to come.”

Thank you for being a part of building the best auto marketplace on the internet. We’re excited to continue making it better.