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Tesla Model 3 Brings Electric Power to the Suburbs

Bringing Electric Power to the Suburbs

The Tesla Model 3 made the hottest new automotive technology available to more drivers than ever before by making it affordable. Well, affordable to the upper end of the American middle class. 

For years, futuristic EV sightings were rare, the kind of thing we shared excitedly over dinner. “You’ll never believe what I saw on my way into town this morning. An electric car!” But now Tesla Model 3 is everywhere all at once. And it’s extended range models allow people who live further from urban centers to make the EV switch.

Tesla Model 3 interior photo


The 2022 base model retails for $47,000. The Performance model is nearly $20,000 more, so the model certainly has range.

But the more affordable version of the luxurious and innovative Tesla sacrifices some performance and quality. Issues aside, it’s one of the hottest selling cars since its release in 2017.


There is no doubt that the Tesla Model 3 is popular. In the first quarter of 2019, it accounted for 63% of all EV sales. The car has continued to break its year-over-year sales records, even though other EVs have surpassed its sales (the Tesla Model Y).

One downside to driving the latest piece of automotive technology is testing out the kinks. Since Teslas have only been on the market for five years, there are still some issues with them, the Model 3 being no exception.

But even with the list of customer complaints, the car remains very popular with its avid following. 

Resell Value

One thing that makes a Tesla so popular is its value on the used-car market. Until recently, Tesla owners were turning significant profits buying new Teslas at sticker price and then reselling them used. 

This is partially because the vehicle hasn’t been in production long enough to meet the demand, and supply chain problems have caused production to scale more slowly than it would otherwise have. 

Even as the used car market normalizes, relatively new Teslas are selling for close to the list price for a new car.

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Trim Specs

2022 Tesla Model 3

It’s hard to call a car the “base” model when it has top-of-class mileage and electric range with horsepower comparable to most every sedan on the market. 

Starting MSRP Range Seats Top Speed 0–60 Drivetrain HP
140 mph

2022 Tesla Model 3 | Long Range

This is the model for drivers who want to go a little farther and get there a little faster. For a few thousand extra dollars, Model 3 Long Range owners get a few thousand dollars worth of upgrades, namely to the engine. This car features all-wheel drive, an extended range, and lots more horsepower. 

Starting MSRP Range Seats Top Speed 0–60 Drivetrain HP
145 mph

2022 Tesla Model 3 | Performance

The Tesla Model 3 Performance trim adds a massive amount of power to an already impressive car. This EV can accelerate to 60 miles per hour from a stop in three seconds. Its EPA estimated range is 315 miles on a single charge, and it tops out at 162 miles per hour with 450 horsepower. 

This model also comes with 20-inch Überturbine wheels, performance brakes, a carbon fiber spoiler, and aluminum alloy pedals. 

Starting MSRP Range Seats Top Speed 0–60 Drivetrain HP
162 mph