The Ford F-150 Lightning Is a Monster — and it Is Going Places

The New F-150 EV Truck Hauls Tons in Extreme Heat and Goes 300+ Miles on a Charge

The more we hear about the new Ford F-150 Lightning, the more we want to get behind the wheel. We would normally say peak under the hood, but there’s nothing there (seriously, they’re calling it a “frunk”).

This Truck Is Powerful

This truck hauled a 10,000 load up the steep and frigid Ike Gauntlet in the snow. And then it hauled the same load across the sweltering Davis Dam which rises 3,000 feet in 11 miles. 

It feels like just yesterday when everyone thought an electric engine was no match for good-‘ole American combustion engines. But here we are — the most capable truck on the market might soon be an EV. We can’t wait to see the Denis Leary commercials for these trucks. “Plug into your inner tough-guy, and plug into the Ford F-150 Lightning. That’s right, lightning. Because these big tough trucks can tackle any job.”

Go the Distance in an F-150 Lightning

Image of a husband and wife cleaning up storm damage in their driveway. In the background, a Ford F-150 Lightning provides backup power to their house.

The new Ford F-150 Lightning can even serve as a backup power source for your house.

 And don’t worry about getting stranded on a rural worksite in your loaded-down Ford F-150 Lightning. The EPA confirmed Ford’s estimated ranges and even found a few trim packages to go farther than estimated on a single charge. 

The lower-tiered trims are estimated to get 230 miles and the more advanced trims should get 320 miles on a single charge.

If that don’t impress you much, the truck even serves as a power source for your house!

The future isn’t as spaceship-filled as promised, but at least the Ford F-150 Lightning feels kind of like a spaceship. 

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