Meet Toni, Carmigo’s newest Dealer Sales Representative

With an exceptional track record and a deep understanding of the industry, Toni brings a wealth of experience to Carmigo.

We’re excited to welcome Toni Paige to the Carmigo team as our newest Dealer Sales Representative.

Toni is no stranger to the world of auto auctions. She entered the industry as an Auction Coordinator for IAA. There, she was in charge of setting up new provider contracts, registering new buyers, and a myriad of other responsibilities that helped build their pipeline of inventory in her six-year tenure. Toni then joined Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auction as their Professional Sales Representative, which has historically transacted over 15,000 vehicles annually.

Toni’s keen ability to empathize with dealers’ needs makes her a perfect fit for Carmigo’s customer-centric approach. As we embark on exciting ventures, we are thrilled to harness Toni’s skills to help our mission of making managing inventory easier.

Toni’s first focus is helping dealers in our Jackson, MS market. If you’re in Jackson and want to see how Carmigo can make it easier to manage your lot, give us a shout.