Reviewing Summertime Little Trees Air Fresheners: Coconut, Caribbean Colada, and Bayside Breeze

Carmigo Fresh Takes a Drive Down the Little Trees Coastal Highway

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Are you someone who loves the beachy, summertime vibe? 

Then let us help you find the perfect Little Trees Air Freshener for  your car this summer. 


The Little Trees Coconut air freshener is based on the toasted coconut smell that is synonymous with the beachy summertime vibe. The scent is a dreamy blend of golden toasted coconut and sugared vanilla, which is not just regular vanilla but has been sugared to give off a sweet aroma.

What’s great about this air freshener is that it’s subtle yet effective. The scent is not overpowering, and it smells exactly like what it says – coconut, sweet, and with hints of vanilla bean and toasted coconut shavings. It’s perfect for those who love the beachy scent but don’t want it to be too strong.

We give it five freshies and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to bring the beachy scent into their car or home. 

Rating: 5 Freshies


Caribbean Colada

Little Trees describes their Caribbean Colada scent as “an escape to a tropical island with juicy pineapple and sweet coconut.” 

But the delivery is pretty disappointing. It mostly smells like generic laundry detergent—like the soap aisle at a big-box store. No pineapple. No coconut. 

Rating: 1 Freshie


Bayside Breeze

Little trees says  Bayside Breeze is “a refreshing scent of crisp apple and summer melon carried on a gentle coastal breeze.” 

Ultimately the car air freshener had a refreshing melon scent with hints of apple. 

Rating: 4 Freshies