600 5-Star Reviews | Can You Believe It?

Our sellers believe it because Carmigo is as easy as it gets.

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We feel pretty confident when we say Carmigo makes selling your car fast and easy. That’s because we hear it every day from our sellers in the form of reviews (and we’ve topped 600 5-star reviews). 

Read some of them here. Or read all of them if you want, but that will take a while.

Or you could have your own 5-star experience by selling your car on carmigo.

And if it seems like we’re bragging, we kind of are. We can’t help it. We’re excited.

In honor of the milestone, we’re going to tell you how we did it.

How Carmigo Got 600 5-Star Reviews

It’s a pretty simple strategy that’s much more difficult in execution. But we’re dedicated to that hard work. 

First, we provide a 5-star experience — something we’re proud of and something we would expect for ourselves. 

Then we listen to our customers. Whether it’s the folks selling the cars or the folks buying the cars, if they have a request or suggestion, we make a note, we have a meeting, and we try to implement change. 

And finally, we treat our 1-star reviewers like our 5-star reviewers. We follow up and try to make good on our word. Sometimes they just want to be a 1-star reviewer, and sometimes we actually get a second chance. 

Provide a 5-star Experience

The worst thing for a bad product is a good marketing campaign. That’s why Carmigo is committed to the product first. Our team of developers works daily to find bugs, upgrade the platform, and develop new features. 

And our operations team is in constant communication with the developers so that there is a direct line between the people using the Carmigo Marketplace and the people maintaining the Carmigo Marketplace.

Empower Team Members

Toyota has a massive factory in Tupelo, where Carmigo is headquartered. At every station in that factory is a button that will shut the entire line down. That means anyone who sees a problem is empowered to stop the whole system until the problem is addressed. 

We don’t give our teams giant red buttons that shut down our marketplace. But we do give them the power to fix problems. 

We’re not interested in moving our sellers’ problems through a bureaucratic cycle. We’re interested in solving them, and that isn’t something that can be accomplished from the top down. 

It’s accomplished at the relationship level.

Listen to Your Customers 

When buyers and sellers have suggestions or requests, we make notes. When problems pop up, they’re documented. 

Growth and innovation are born out of meeting needs, and for Carmigo that means making buying and selling used cars easier. When a customer tells us a part of the process is hard, we see that as a relationship opportunity and a business opportunity.

Take the Other Reviews Seriously

As great as 5-star reviews are, 1-star reviews can create opportunities for growth or for second chances. 

Sure, some are from disgruntled people who are angry that we couldn’t sell their 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport for $26,000. But a lot of those 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-star reviews give us an idea for growth, or at least something to aim toward. 

Have Your Own 5-Star Experience