Carmigo’s Marketing Manager talks shop on the Pathmonk Podcast

Austin shared his thoughts on creating seamless customer experiences, how Carmigo works, and why you should drop out of college.

What We’re Loving | Austin Hits the Podcast Circuit

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The nice folks over at Pathmonk had our Marketing Manager, Austin Hille, on their podcast this week, which was great. Lucas and Austin talked about the Carmigo website’s role in guiding our sellers through our car-selling experience.  “A lot of folks are trepidation because we’re new,” Austin said. “So we have to answer all their questions and then provide a transparent and seamless journey through the listing process.”

His main takeaways:

  1. Experience is the greatest educator in business and marketing.
  2. Good copy can’t explain away a bad customer experience. 
“Yes, sometimes there is a lead time in fixing functionality, but what’s not viable is having the marketing team try to explain it away. Customers are willing to go down a little bit of a longer journey if you’re being clear about everything they’re getting and everything they’re being charged for.” He also told everyone to drop out of college (which is way less intense in context)! But you do you. 

Hear the whole interview here.