Top 5 Reasons to Auction Your Car

Auction your car to get more offers, more money, and sell faster.

Auction your car for more offers, fewer strangers, and real-time results

There are plenty of ways to sell your car — on Craigslist, to a single online retailer, to a local dealership, or to some guy named Donny. But we think we have a better way. Here are the top 5 reasons to auction your car:

5. Bidding Builds Buyer Competition 

Competition is human nature. We love it. And the competitive nature of auctions has proven over time to favor the seller. Seriously. Read about how one Hollywood auction changed the bidding landscape forever.

4. You See Real-Time Results

No more, “Let me talk to my manager and see if we can come up any on that trade-in offer.” You see the offers as they come in. It’s transparent — crystal clear.

3. No Strangers When Your Auction Your Car Online

You don’t have to let internet people come to your house to look at your car. No one snooping around your garage asking, “Is this dog for sale, too?” And no more 2 a.m. text messages from “Mitzi on Craigslist” asking if you’ll trade your car for a 100cc mini dirt bike. 

2. Auction Your Car to Avoid Haggling

Seriously, no haggling on a car lot in the mid-afternoon sun. The dealerships that want the car the most can fight over the price. All you have to do is… nothing. Or you can watch — that’s fun too. 

1. More Bidders = More Money

Because auctions pit buyer against buyer instead of buyer against bidder, each new offer has to be higher than the last. So the more bids you get, the more money you get. 

Bonus: Watching the bids roll in is SUPER fun. Once that first bid hits, and then more and more come in like a wave before high tide 🤙 … it’s a rush. 

Are you convinced? Good. You can start watching bids roll in, too.

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