It’s Electric: Everything You Need to Know about EVs so far in 2022

Everyone seems to have announced new EVs this year, and that’s just the start.

When children of the future read about the transition from gas-powered vehicles to EVs, the first part of 2022 may be the tipping point. 

Ford split in half, Tesla broke more records, everyone announced a new EVs (even DeLorean), charging infrastructure improvements are promised, the postal service is going electric, and charing is now officially cheaper than fueling.

If that sounds like a lot to you, don’t worry. We’ve got it broken down here, plus links if you’re a nerd like we are.

Everyone Announced EVs in Q1

It feels like new EVs are announced every single day. There are so many we can barely keep up. 

Thankfully Car and Driver put together a list of something like 60 EVs we can expect to see in the next five years, but it doesn’t even include some of the announcements made in the last few months.

Here are the models we’re most excited about.

EV Charging Prices Are Cheaper than Gas

An illustration of anthropomorphized gasoline pump and electric extension chord (which represents charging for EVs) boxing in a boxing ring.

Soaring gas prices have a lot of us asking if EV charging prices are cheaper than gas. We break it down as gas and electric duke it out (Spoiler: Charging is WAY cheaper than fueling)!

Hopefully, this means you’ll be spending less money on transportation in the coming years. And if you can’t afford EVs now (most can’t) chances are they’ll be available in every price range soon.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Try EVs

Photo of Tesla rental EVs in front of a Hertz retail location.

Research shows that a major barrier to entry for EVs is that most car buyers are unfamiliar with the technology. So rental companies like Hertz and Enterprise are buying up EVs in large quantities in order to give people an opportunity to test drive electric models.

On top of that, Tesla subscriptions have made Kyte the Netflix of Teslas. That’s right, rental company Kyte is testing out short-term Tesla subscriptions in New York and California this summer. 

Tesla Still Breaking Delivery Records

Photo depicting each of the Tesla models on offer, from left to right a silver Model S, a red Model 3, a white Model X, and a blue Model Y.

Speaking of Tesla, they’re absolutely on fire when it comes to production and delivery. 

Tesla produced more than 305,000 cars and delivered more than 310,000 during the first quarter of 2022. And the company achieved these numbers despite COVID outbreaks forcing two extended shutdowns at its Gigafactory in Shanghai. The factory performs final assembly of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. 

EVs are Going Postal

An illustration of one of the Postal Service's new EVs.The US Postal Service announced it’s going to order more than 10,000 electric vehicles as a part of its larger order of 50,000 “next generation” delivery vehicles.

Here’s what Postmaster General Louis DeJoy had to say: 

“We owe it to our carriers and the communities we serve to provide safer, more efficient vehicles to fulfill our universal service obligation to deliver to 161 million addresses in all climates and topographies six days per week.”

Charging Stations of the Future are Unveiled

Electrify America's new plans for EV charging stations look like a hybrid between a gas station and an Apple Store.

Electrify America announced new “Human-Centered” EV charging stations and the fueling stations of the future look like… well gas stations (and Apple stores). 

Electrify America is calling its new EV charging stations a “customer oasis.” Quite frankly, they do seem like a nice place to spend 30 minutes while you charge up your monstrous F-150 Lightning.

F-150 Lightning Crushes Distance, Hauling, Weather Tests

Photo of a husband and wife cleaning up storm debris in their driveway while their Ford F-150 Lightning sits in the garage and provides back-up power to their house.

It feels like just yesterday when everyone thought an electric engine was no match for good-‘ole American combustion engines. But here we are — the most capable truck on the market might soon be an EV. We can’t wait to see the Denis Leary commercials for these trucks. “Plug into your inner tough-guy, and plug into the Ford F-150 Lightning. That’s right, lightning. Because these big tough trucks can tackle any job.”

This truck hauled a 10,000 load up the steep and frigid Ike Gauntlet in the snow. And then it hauled the same load across the sweltering Davis Dam which rises 3,000 feet in 11 miles. And it can drive more than 300 miles on a single charge.

Ford is so bullish on EV production that it split its operations in two this year in an effort to grow its EV line even faster.

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