US Postal Service Doubles Electric Delivery Vehicle Order

DeJoy announced 20% of new US Postal Service vehicles will be EVsA photograph of the new EV US postal service delivery truck.

The US Postal Service is planning to purchase more than 10,000 of these cute electric delivery vehicles as a part of its efforts to replace its aging fleet.

The US Postal Service announced it’s going to order more than 10,000 electric vehicles as a part of its larger order of 50,000 “next generation” delivery vehicles.

This announcement comes after the USPS received flak for their initial order, which included 50% fewer EVs.

US Postal Service Postmaster General on the Decision

Here’s what Louis DeJoy had to say: 

“We owe it to our carriers and the communities we serve to provide safer, more efficient vehicles to fulfill our universal service obligation to deliver to 161 million addresses in all climates and topographies six days per-week.”

Why Does the USPS Need EVs?

As it stands, EVs are significantly less expensive to fuel than gas-powered vehicles, even before gas prices began skyrocketing in March. It’s no secret that the postal service is financially stressed, so any savings are welcome. 

Additionally, current trucks lack safety features and don’t even have air conditioning. Add to that the fact that the aging fleet is getting costly to maintain. 

The electric delivery vehicles could mean the USPS can save money on fuel and maintenance while future-proofing their vehicles.

And since many postal routes are short, the USPS doesn’t need its delivery trucks to go very far between charges. That gives it a little more flexibility than other logistics and transportation organizations