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How to Use the Carmigo Queue

Find the cars that are slowing your turn and list them in just seconds with the “Queue” in Carmigo Turn. 

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Automate Your Wholesale

Carmigo Turn’s Automated Rules helps you move your cars for more BEFORE they start to slow turn.
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Carmigo's Two Ways to Sell

No matter how you sell with Carmigo, we make it easy. Sell on our one-day auction if you have inventory you want to move quickly, or list on our Marketplace if you want to get as many eyes on your cars as possible.

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List and Sell How You Want

List in just seconds with Carmigo Turn. Just choose “list to auction” under “My Inventory.” Set your starting, reserve and optional buy-it-now price, add any relevant announcements and boom– your listing is live! 

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The Easiest Selling Experience on the Market

Carmigo’s inventory integration makes inventory management A LOT easier. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Get access to Carmigo Turn
  2. Inventory Integration allows you to list on Carmigo Marketplace
  3. Listing cars takes just seconds
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Easily Increase Your Turn

Carmigo makes things easy, so we offer our dealers two ways to list and two ways to sell. List with just a few clicks using our inventory integration, or have one of our inspectors stop by and list a few cars.

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Why Now is the Time To Take Your Turn Seriously

Here are the facts when it comes to used inventory in 2024:

  • Used car value finally dropped in 2023 following pandemic record high values, and they continue to fall in 2024.
  • Standard depreciation is expected to be turbocharged throughout the year. 
  • New inventory levels are rising, and dealers are struggling to move used inventory that they bought at record numbers.
  • Interest rates are discouraging buyer activity on new and used vehicles

Now is NOT the time to sit on used inventory. Increasing turn is more important than ever.