How to move over-age Inventory Fast

Carmigo's guide to no reserve auctions

No reserve auctions are your solution for over-age units

Read our guide on how Carmigo can move your aging inventory fast and at the right price

Ok, what's actually in this guide?

• No Reserve Auction Use Case

• Creating Fair Market Value

• How Auction Theory Protects Your Listing

• Auctions: the Carmigo Way

What if I want to test it out?

Listing your inventory at no reserve is super easy on the Carmigo marketplace. See for yourself at 

“I was nervous at first, because I wanted to protect from my downside. But I’ve seen what happens on listings when that ‘reserve has been met’ badge pops up. Buyers perk up and start making offers. And that activity breeds more activity. I’ve sold close to a hundred this way and trust Carmigo enough to continue listing without reserves in the future.”

Chris Carr

General Manager, Mazda of Jackson

how no reserve auctions work on Carmigo

Start with a $200 bid
Proxy bidding quickly raises prices
As bids go up, more views are attracted.
Final minutes generate the most activity.
“Reserve-Met” triggers automatic sale.
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