Logging in & getting started

Once we’ve created your account, you can login through the buyer login page.

Set Notifications

In the top right corner, click your name, and then click settings. 

Here you can choose when you want to be notified and when you’d rather not. That way, you can stay in the loop without having to be too in the loop.

We don’t want you to miss out on the cars you’re buying and selling. But we don’t want you to get so many notifications you miss out on everything else, either. 

The easiest way to increase inventory turn and win at wholesale

Turn FAQs

The queue highlights the cars that are slowing your turn. It sorts cars by age so you can easily see your slowest movers and then allows you to list them in just a few clicks.

Your inventory is located in the Turn tab. It’s the same info, but now it’s just… better!

Using your inventory integration, we take the number of cars sold in the last 30 days (not just what’s listed on our platform), multiply by 12 and divide it by the average number of cars in your inventory in that same time period. This determines how many times you sell through your inventory per year on average.

Navigating Dashboard Tabs

Click on each tab for its contents

How our platform works

One-Day Auctions

Each day’s auction ends at 2 PM Central, though we’ll add cars until 11 a.m. the day of the auction close.​

Carmigo Turn
Carmigo Turn is Carmigo’s wholesale solution for increasing used inventory turn. Access all of our selling features under the “Turn” tab once logged in to the Carmigo App.

A seller’s reserve price is the lowest price a car can automatically sell for. If the reserve is met or exceeded at the conclusion of the auction, the sale will automatically trigger, and Carmigo will begin processing payment and paperwork.​

Buy It Now
Buyers can skip the entire auction process and trigger an immediate sale. You can set a BIN for each listing, or not have one at all. This option is removed when bids are within $500 of the reserve or the auction is 30 minutes from close.

Bids are made in $100 increments and can be made from the auction page or from an individual vehicle listing. Bids can be placed on your Buyer Dashboard as well as long as you have previously bid on the vehicle.

Proxy Bidding

Carmigo will automatically rebid for you, so you don’t have to stay glued to your screen all day. Simply set your maximum bid, and we’ll automatically rebid in $100 increments each time you are outbid up to your maximum. 

List your full used car line-up on our marketplace to maximize your opportunities to sell on and off your lot. No time limit, no obligation to sell unless someone meets or beats your floor price.
Each listing contains a detailed condition report for the vehicle, additional condition declarations and upgrades, along with photographs for you to review.
Auction Close
The auction closes each business day at 2 p.m. central time. Each time a new bid is placed within the last minute of an auction, that listing timer will be reset to 60 seconds. 

If you have the highest offer and surpass the reserve price at auction close, the transaction will process immediately. 

If the reserve price is not met, the Carmigo team will send the highest offer to the seller. In some cases the seller will be able to counter offer, which the buyer can then accept or deny. 
  • Buyers have the option to use our nationwide network for transportation or use their own.
  • Carmigo partners with a variety of reputable, nationwide transportation brokers to offer transportation for all cars sold through our marketplace. 
  • If you choose to use Carmigo transportation, we’ll schedule pickup at checkout and bring the car to you within seven days.
  • Carmigo transportation is a minimum of $150 and costs $1.50 per mile. 
  • If you choose to use your own transportation, we will help facilitate the vehicle pickup.

As soon as a sale is complete, our team goes to work paying off the vehicle’s loan, securing the title, and transferring it to your dealership.

File cosmetic arbitrations within one day of receipt, and mechanical arbitrations within three days of receipt.

Buyers can purchase extended arbitration on a vehicle-to-vehicle basis.

How do I become a buyer?

Click here to sign up to buy and sell on Carmigo. Our team will review your application and get you set up on our marketplace. We’ll reach out with next steps within a business day.