Carmigo Brand Guidelines

Make It Easy.

The only thing worse than trying to keep quality used cars in stock at your dealership is trying to sell a used car.


Brand Story

Dealerships were struggling to keep quality used cars in stock during the COVID-19 pandemic. That's when Andrew (founder and CEO) said, "There has to be an easier way."

He pitched Sean and Daniel (the other founders) and Carmigo was born. Two years later, we’ve sold more than 3,000 cars to our network of dealerships throughout the Southeast.

As the platform grew we found that Carmigo sellers were just excited as the buyers. Carmigo’s mobile app helps them inspect and list their car to hundreds of buyers in a matter of minutes and get multiple offers in as little as a day.

Carmigo is the easiest way we’ve found (so far) to buy and sell cars from your phone.

Brand Story

The How

Carmigo Connects Sellers to Buyers in the Easiest Way Possible.

Carmigo’s secret sauce is a mobile-friendly vehicle inspection tool and dealership-to-dealership platforms with both revolving daily inventory and timed listings.


We offer our daily Live Auction for dealers that need to move inventory fast and the Carmigo Marketplace for dealers that can afford to sit on used inventory.


Sellers can list in two ways: manually, or by setting up inventory integrations. 


Buyers can either bid on our live auction or place offers on the Carmigo Marketplace.

Brand Story

The Difference

If there’s an easier way, Carmigo is gonna find it.


To Sell

We're here for our sellers in a flexible capacity–offering inventory integration or manual listing options as well as virtual or in-person inspections.


To Buy

Dealers have to search classified listings, lose a day at a wholesale auction, or inspect low-quality trade-ins all day. We do that in our app.


The Queue

The Queue in Carmigo Turn allows dealers to manage and automate their inventory with just a few clicks–allowing easy access to over-age invenory.


Carmigo’s platform is designed to create a win-win transaction for our buyers and sellers. It’s easy to use, easy to understand, and usually makes everyone happy. That’s why Carmigo’s communications are easy to understand, helpful, and usually make sense.


You know that friend who is always trying to help — like maybe a little too much? That’s us. Yep, we’re a bunch of try-hards and we admit it. We just want to help.


If it’s not easy, it’s not Carmigo. Our communications must be easy to read, hear, see, and understand. Always be earnest, direct, and helpful. No need to be difficult or waste someone’s time.


Carmigo isn’t one of those companies that says, “We make (insert difficult thing here) fun. Selling your car isn’t fun. But while we’re here, we might as well have a little fun, right?


What We Say

  • Make things easier.
  • We root for our buyers and sellers. If they can get a better deal somewhere else, we support them. We’ll gladly sell a car to Carvana any day of the week. Then we turn around and try to make our deals better.
  • We wave the banner for being easy. When we see people and brands striving to make life easier, we celebrate them. 
  • We know there is a better way to sell your car, and we believe it is Carmigo.

What We Don't Say

• We don’t punch down. We don’t go after disgruntled sellers, we don’t slam car dealerships, we don’t have competition because we can be a great partner for anyone.

• We don’t explicitly mention dealerships when comparing Carmigo to trade-ins.

• We don’t use explicit language. Keep it clean, keep it chill, keep it easy (no cussin or dirty stuff).

Style Guide

Carmigo communications will refer to all vehicles as cars. It’s just easier

Carmigo should be referred to as a marketplace, never a website.

Carmigo does not have customers. We have sellers and buyers. 
Carmigo does not buy or purchase cars, nor do we make offers on cars.
When speaking or writing on behalf of Carmigo, we use plural first-person pronouns (we and us).
Anyone working at Carmigo is a Carmigo, as in car amigo.

Style Guide

Consumer Seller Journey


Sellers create their vehicle profile on their Carmigo seller dashboard.

Not acceptable: “photoshoot” or “build their listing”


Sellers set their minimum price based on market recommendations.

Not acceptable: "estimate" or "reserve"


Carmigo collects offers from our nationwide network of buyers on the Carmigo marketplace

Not acceptable: “auction” “Bids”


After one business day, the buyer with the highest offer wins

If a minimum is not met, the car is not sold. No fee is required from the seller.


Carmigo collects a $350 sell fee for hosting the sale on our marketplace.

Not acceptable: “seller’s fee” or “sale fee”

Design Toolkit

Asset Overview

carmigo icon
filter icon

Design Toolkit

Our Logo

The Carmigo logo combines three elements: The stylized speedometer icon, the typography and the color scheme.

Wherever possible, the logo should utilize the green icon and navy text. In other cases, it should greatly contrast with its background so long as the green icon is easy to decipher.

carmigo logo
Carmigo logo white

Clear Space

The Carmigo logo requires separation from the other elements around it. The space required on all sides is roughly equivalent to the cap height of the logo type.

carmigo logo icon spacing

If you use the logo icon as a single object, it also needs clear space all around.


The logo cannot be changed! Although creativity is appreciated please do not alter the logo in anyway.

DO NOT rotate the logo

DO NOT add a drop shadow

DO NOT rearrange elements

DO NOT stretch the logo

DO NOT use different colors

DO NOT use a gradient

Design Toolkit


Carmigo logo lockups are comprised of the primary logo + corresponding name set in Poppins semi bold.

Partnership lockups utilize a 2 px thick horizontal or vertical line that is 75% of the logo height or width. Both logos should have equal visual weight.

Carmigo Direct

Design Toolkit


Carmigo Green is our primary brand color.

Our navy blue is used as a primary color to provide contrast and our mint green is used as a grounding neutral.

We also have a secondary color palette to provide flexibility while creating a unified, recognizable appearance across all communications. These colors are complementary to our official colors, but are not recognizable identifiers for our company. Use the bright yellow sparingly.

Primary Color Palette

Carmigo Green

CMYK: 70 / 5 / 82 / 0
RGB:  82 / 170 / 87
HEX: #52aa57


CMYK: 96 / 65 / 54 / 48
RGB: 15 / 56 / 68
HEX: #003844


CMYK: 7 / 0 / 8 / 0
RGB:  235 / 245 / 234
HEX: #ebf5ea

Light Gray

CMYK 38 / 29 / 30 / 8
RGB 163 / 163 / 163
HEX #e5e5e5

Secondary Color Palette

Light Beige

CMYK: 3 / 0 / 14 / 0
RGB: 251 / 250 / 230
HEX: #fbfae6


CMYK: 80 / 52 / 44 / 20
RGB: 55 / 95 / 111
HEX: #3b5f6f

Bright Yellow

CMYK: 23 / 0 / 100 / 0
RGB: 208 / 221 / 40
HEX: #d8da00

Design Toolkit


The primary font for Carmigo is Poppins. It should be used in all Carmigo communications to project a consistent visual identity. This includes promotional materials, advertising, digital assets, and printed materials.

Title Case


Poppins Extra Bold


Poppins Bold


Web: Merriweather

Print: New Spirit

Body Copy

Lato Normal

Design Toolkit


We use a series of icons to tell our story and help the user easily navigate through content.

Our utility icons are simple in nature, used for navigation, notification and reminders. Pictograms are used to represent more detailed information.

Design Toolkit


Carmigo’s imagery style evokes a feeling of innovation and advancement. We aim to use product mockups when showcasing or introducing our latest innovations.