Carmigo Turn Launches February 1st

The used car market is hard to navigate, and 2024 brings even more challenges for dealerships. But we're here to help.
Carmigo is dedicated to bringing you solutions designed to increase inventory turn and protect profits.

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Last week, we announced Carmigo Turn

It’s kind of a big deal–one of our biggest announcement ever.

Here's what you need to know:
Average days to turn on used inventory is at a five-year high.
Used car values have plummeted since the pandemic.
In light of these market trends, we created Carmigo Turn to help you increase used inventory turn.

All new buying interface

We listened to your feedback.

Alongside Carmigo Turn, we’ll be releasing our updated browsing interface for our one-day auction and marketplace.

These are just some of the biggest changes we’ve made. We’ve also introduced a watchlist, new filters and flags for listings you’re high bid on and where you’ve been outbid.

Have you set up your inventory integration?

Your DSR can help. If your inventory feed isn’t integrated with Carmigo you won’t be able to use Carmigo Turn, our marketplace or have the ability to push your listings to other nationwide marketplaces. Talk to your DSR today about getting integrated so you can start increasing your turn.