A Youtuber Gave Us an Honest Review and We Couldn’t Be Happier

YouTuber Realistick used our service to sell his truck, which went so well that he posted an honest review on his page.

Time for a Pop Quiz

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An Honest Review

YouTuber Realistick (Tyler) has a great car review channel, but the other day he took a break from reviewing cars to leave an honest review of Carmigo. 

He used our service to sell his truck, which went so well that he posted about it on his page.

It felt like we woke up to a teacher putting a pop quiz on our desk, only to later find out we made an A-. 

The feedback was specific, and since the review was posted, we’ve already made some pretty big strides in improving our transportation as well as the ease of our in-app experience from end to end. 

We couldn’t be prouder to see our marketplace saving people time and getting people money.

Here’s what he said on his Youtube page: “While imperfect, Carmigo offers a way to sell your car that allows you to get maximum dollar without the incessant scammers or lowballers of Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.”

There’s even a comment from someone else who sold their car for $6,000 over their best trade-in offer. 

How Carmigo Works

Go to https://app.carmigo.io/ to answer a few questions about your car. Then, the Carmigo app will use our virtual inspection tool to help you take 13 pictures of your car. Finally, set your price.

It takes most people less than 10 minutes, and we can have it on our 24-hour marketplace within the day. 

Most sellers get multiple offers in less than a day. 

If you sell, we handle all the paperwork, title transfer, and logistical details. We’ll even pick it up!

Check out the honest review to see the full Carmigo process at work.