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5 Best Cars to Sell in May

Carmigo is bringing you the best-selling used cars for May (or at least our prediction). We’ve analyzed trends on our marketplace as well as the general car market and compared those with U.S. economic trends to help you decide if this is the month to sell your car, or if you should consider waiting.

Used Car Sales Soar Through April

Used car sales volume jumped by nearly 300,000 used car sales in March over February, which is a good sign. 

Following the 2022 bubble used car prices had fallen to nearly pre-pandemic levels, and sales were down too. 

As the spring travel season continues, we should see steady used car sales and used car prices, thanks in large part to drops in used car supply and sustained high new car prices. 

“Prices have been falling, but the tight supply might be providing some price support,” said Cox Automotive Senior Economist Charlie Chesbrough. “Used prices may fall further, but it seems unlikely a massive decline will happen given the supply situation.” 

Best Cars to Sell in May

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You've Got the Green-Light

Toyota Camry best cars to sell in november, Toyota Camry best cars to sell in may, and one of the best cars to sell in june

For the last three months, we’ve sold more than 75% of the Camrys listed on the Carmigo marketplace. Month over month, we list more and sell more Camrys than nearly any other car. 

The reason is simple: You can’t beat the Camry. They hold value well and are always in fairly high demand because of their year-over-year reliability, fuel economy, and safety standards.

For two months in a row, we sold well over half of the half-ton trucks listed on the Carmigo platform. Leading the way was the Silverado, but nearly every make of half-ton truck sold well. It’s a good time to sell a good truck. 

These 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 are some of the 5 best cars to sell in the March. These 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 are some of the 5 best cars to sell in the May.
nice image of 2021 hyundai santa fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a popular car with favorable ratings. We sold more than 80% of the Santa Fes we listed for the last month, and it was the second-most listed model on the Marketplace in March. They did almost exactly as well in February. It’s always a good time to sell a Santa Fe.

Wranglers sell well and consistently. And this month, all Jeeps sold well. We sold every current model of Jeep except the Patriot last month. They had lots of offers and sold for very competitive prices. I would wager good weather will spark even more interest in these fun, recreational vehicles. 

2022 Jeep Wrangler | Jeeps like this Wrangler are some of the best selling cars in May

When Hyundai makes an SUV, they don’t miss — at least, not lately. The Kona fits all of Hyundai’s comfort, safety, and reliability in a compact SUV. Konas averaged 20 offers each on the Carmigo Marketplace in April, and we sold 75% of the ones we listed. 

Worst Selling Used Cars

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Ford Maverick

Half-ton pickup trucks are selling great right now. They’re depreciating slower than other body types, and they’re selling across makes and models. At the same time, new small trucks are some of the most affordable vehicles, so there is less interest in small trucks. Ford Maverick sellers are simply victims of reasonable new Maverick prices and the popularity of larger trucks. 

Tiny cars like the Kia Soul and Fiat 500 are just not selling on the Carmigo Marketplace. That trend is likely to continue into May. If you have a tiny car you want to sell, wait until gas prices go back up and try selling then. 

Minivans like this Chrysler Pacifica are some of the best selling used cars to sell in January.

Minivans usually sell great, but this month, things are a little different. Grand Caravans and Chrysler Pacificas averaged 13 offers each last month on the Carmigo Marketplace. And none of those offers were good enough for the sellers because none sold. Normally I would say it’s an anomaly, but it happened across makes and models, which looks more like a trend. 

Fusions sold terribly on the Carmigo Marketplace in April. They barely even attracted offers. This doesn’t seem to be a trend with other mid-sized sedans, so maybe hold off on Fusions for a while. 

2020 Ford Fusion
Photo depicting each of the Tesla models on offer, from left to right a silver Model S, a red Model 3, a white Model X, and a blue Model Y.

Tesla slashed new car prices to start 2023, so most Tesla buyers are opting to get a new model since it’s cheaper in some cases. iSeeCars reported a nearly 5 percent drop in used Tesla values following the price cut announcements. Things aren’t getting better for used Tesla owners anytime soon. 

The Best Way to Sell Your Green-Light Car

Shameless Plug: A lot of these price trends are based on the Carmigo Marketplace data. Carmigo is a one-of-a-kind platform that lets private car owners sell their used cars to dealerships.

Note: These predictions are simply that: predictions. We cannot tell the future. They are based on trends we’ve seen in the marketplace but are not a guarantee of future market outcomes.