What We’re Loving: Reply All

Reply All logo background

We say goodbye and thank you to Reply All, the greatest pod that ever cast.

If you’re ever looking for a podcast that is as funny as it is well-researched, as earnest as it is thoughtfully produced, look no further. Let the Reply All team accompany you on your next trip down easy street. 

The hosts signed off for the last time this week, but their catalog will always be worth revisiting.

This week marked the end of a Reply All, a podcast that truly transcended the medium into a wholly unique work of art.

Reply All has pushed the boundaries of storytelling, journalism, entertainment, and art for more than seven years. Podcasts like Reply All are the reason the category is so oversaturated today. Because they made magic and made it look easy.

Your neighbor may rant about the Saints in his garage and think he’s doing the same thing. I can assure you he is not.

Reply All was a podcast that really meant something. Now that every twenty-something with access to a microphone is blasting their voice across the internet, podcast recommendations are met with an eye roll. Trust me. I get it.

Each episode explores the internet and the parts of our culture that are inspired and influenced by the internet. Super tech-support episodes feature the team going on long journeys to solve listeners’ most pressing technology and internet problems. “Yes, Yes, No” explain a niche internet trend to the CEO of the parent company (Gimlet Media). 

Reply All celebrates the beauty and mystery in life while pausing to poke fun at all of the insane “internet things” we accept as normal behavior. 

If you’ve never listened to Reply All before, I am so jealous of you. You have an entire 189-episode catalog of some of the most entertaining and thought-provoking entertainment at your fingertips.