400 Five-Star Reviews and Counting ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for the love. 

This week we hit a huge milestone: 400 five-star reviews. 

five-star reviews

Every person at Carmigo is working to make selling your car easier. It’s what we talk about at work, from the marketing to the tech to the customer service. 

Read some of them here. Or read all of them if you want, but that will take a while.

Why Five-Star Reviews Are Important to Us

Each one of these reviews validates our mission. And the corresponding comments (especially the occasional mixed review) give us an opportunity to tweak the code, adjust the process, or roll out new features. 

If you’re one of the 400+ people who have left feedback, even if you were one of the two two-star reviewers or three three-star reviewers (at the time I’m writing this, Carmigo has exactly two two-star reviews and three three-star reviews). Every bit of feedback helped us make our tech better and our customer service team more accessible. 

And if you haven’t tried Carmigo yet, give us a shot. It’s always free to list, and you have no obligation to sell unless one of our buyers meets your set price.