Should You Be Expecting a Gas Stipend?

Everything You Need to Know About Gas Prices, Rebates, and Giveaways

Should you be expecting a gas stipend? The average US gas price hi an all-time high at $4.33 this month and a handful of states are considering gas tax rebates to soften the blow for residents.The average US gas price hit an all time high at $4.33 this month and a handful of states are considering tax rebates to soften the blow for residents. Meanwhile federal lawmakers are considering something similar, but seem unlikely to actually pass anything. So unless you live somewhere like Chicago — where people are giving gas away — it’s unlikely you’ll see any windfall soon. 

But it’s not all bad news. Prices seem to be stabilizing, and possibly even going down as lawmakers try to ease supply issues. 

State Gas Rebates

National Gas Price Comparison 2019–2022 show steady increases year over year beginning with an average price of $2.25 to $4.24.

As for state-level gas relief, the most aggressive proposal (from California Governor Gavin Newsome) would give Californians $400 for every car registered in their name. The state legislature proposed a similar plan that would issue smaller sums, but to more residents. 

Other states, including Maryland and Georgia have temporarily suspended the state sales tax on gasoline. Georgia went so far as to suspend public bus fares as well. Lawmakers in West Virginia and Ohio are also considering suspending or cutting their fuel taxes. 

US Federal Relief Unlikely

Last week, in a piece for Fast Company, Christopher Zara looked at the possibility of rebates or gas tax cuts at the federal level. His reporting shows there are certainly lawmakers pushing for a nationwide plan, but their success seems unlikely. 

Good News: Gas Prices Stabilize

But we do have some good news! In a Monday-morning market summary, AAA reported prices have stabilized over the past week — dropping to $4.25. Even after leveling out, the average price-per-gallon is still $0.64 higher than last month and $1.39 higher than this time last year as of March, 28 2022. 

Chicago Gas Giveaways

gas pump iconOne Chicago businessman took matters into his own hands and gave away $1 million in free gasoline last week at four Chicago gas stations. This came after the same businessman gave out $200,000 in free-gas the week before. 

A Personal Note

As for me, the charger on my Chrysler Pacifica hybrid isn’t working. If ever there was a time for my charger to break, this is not it.