What is the Carmigo process in Huntsville, AL?

Who knew selling your vehicle could be this easy?

Basic Vehicle Info

Submit your vehicle’s information to start your car's profile on the Carmigo Marketplace.

Build Your Listing

Use our AI technology to take pictures of your vehicle and build your listing.

Start the Auction

Once built, your listing is uploaded to our marketplace, where dealers can competitively bid on your vehicle for one day (24 hours).

Auction Ends

If the final bid meets your satisfaction reserve (set before the auction), then your vehicle is sold. If your reserve was not met, we negotiate with the buyer on your behalf.

You Get Paid

We handle the paperwork, transportation, and even money transfer. And if you have a loan on your vehicle, we will pay it off and give any remaining profits back to you!

Only pay if your car sells!

You only pay for the service we provide if your vehicle sells, so there is no risk to list.