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The easiest selling experience on the market.
List in seconds with Carmigo Inventory Integration.

View all the cars on your lot and list with just a few clicks with Carmigo Inventory Integration.

Other ways to easily list your inventory:

Virtual Listing
In person
Taking dealerships down easy street

Proven results at scale

Barnes Crossing Auto Group put Carmigo’s selling tool to the test. The results: nothing less than astounding and an overage inventory problem solved.

What You Get

List cars based on what is easiest for you: Carmigo Inspector or DIY

Turn Key Process

Carmigo handles title transfers, paperwork, and money transfer.

On average, vehicles sell at MMR or above.

Priority Listing on the Carmigo Marketplace

How Carmigo Works
Industry Standard Auction

The Carmigo Marketplace operates like most online industry-standard auction platforms. But because we make it easier to list your car for sale, we can integrate your overage, consumer cars, fleet cars, finance cars, and more. More listing types mean more bidders for your cars. 

2 Ways to List

You can list your cars in minutes from your phone using Carmigo’s virtual inspection tool. But we know that can be tedious, so we can send a Carmigo out to list your cars for you.


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Don't Sell? Don't Pay

Carmigo dealership sellers pay a predetermined sell fee, which includes title transfer, money transfer, and arbitration. But you have no obligation to sell for a penny less than your price. And if you don’t sell, you don’t pay.

Reserve & No Reserve Options

Set a reserve price or no reserve at all. No reserve cars sell automatically and tend to generate more and higher offers on the Carmigo Marketplace. 

Transparent Arbitration Policy

Just like you, we built this business on the quality of our service and the quality of our cars. Our arbitration policy protects you and anyone who buys your cars from undo financial burden.

Transportation Made Easy

Our transportation folks work with reputable transportation providers around the country, and we’d love to help. We’ll make sure it gets picked up in a timely manner.

Ready to make used inventory easier?

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